Classical Liberalism: Summer Seminar at Christinehof Castle, Skåne

Classical Liberalism: Summer Seminar at Christinehof Castle, Skåne

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Datum:  måndag, 27 juni, 2016 till torsdag, 30 juni, 2016
Christinehofs Ekopark
273 57 Brösarp

The basic ideas of a free society and freedom to act as individuals ought to be discovered and reinvented by every new generation. In our time, where governments seem to gain more power and where individual liberty is put under strain, the classical liberal heritage is ever so important to teach and discuss.

This summer, for the second year in a row, we are arranging a high-level summer seminar on classical liberalism at Christinehof Castle in Skåne, Brösarp. The Castle, built in the 1730s and the scene for a successful private enterprise in industry and forestry ever since, offers a splendid environment to connect to the classic message of freedom and liberty, as seen through an 18-19th century perspective.

Discussions will be arranged through a three-day seminar including themes like:

  • Adam Smith’s The Theory of Moral Sentiments
  • David Hume and Adam Smith as proto-Darwinians
  • Eli Heckscher – on Mercantilism – on the construction of an economic era
  • Carl Linnaeus – path breaking natural scientist but also a political economist
  • Erik Gustaf Geijer – political theory and liberal sociology in 19th century Sweden
  • The Viennese Students of Civilization – interwar Vienna and beyond

Discussions will be led by*:

  • Professor Daniel Klein, George Mason University and Ratio Institute
  • Professor Lars Magnusson, Uppsala University
  • Assistant Professor Erwin Dekker, Rotterdam University
  • Professor Benny Carlson, Lund University
  • Dr. Björn Hasselgren, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

The seminar is held in English and offered free of charge, meals and housing included. Participants are expected to download and read the literature in advance. As discussions are the core of the course active participation is expected. More information on the Christinehof Castle can be found at

The Programme starts by evening June 27 and ends by lunch June 30.

To apply or to get more information please email Dr. Björn Hasselgren, senior fellow at Timbro.
phone: +46-70-7623316.

Last day to apply is May 15 2016. Detailed programme will be finalized in the next few weeks.

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Anmälan (Det är inte längre möjligt att anmäla sig till detta evenemang)
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