Reading Group on Classical Liberal Literature

Reading Group on Classical Liberal Literature

26 oktober, 2016

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Reading Group on Classical Liberal Literature

December 2016–January 2017


Classical liberal ideas continue to inspire over time, and Timbro is committed to bring the literature alive to new generations. This winter, we are arranging a Reading Group focused on some of Adam Smith’s core thoughts.


The Reading Group is organized by our Senior Fellow Björn Hasselgren and the seminars will be held by Professor Daniel Klein from the George Mason University/Ratio Institute.


About the reading

Adam Smith’s two great works are The Theory of Moral Sentiments and The Wealth of Nations. The only other items he published during his lifetime were three articles. Also, after his death a set of essays were published as Essays on Philosophical Subjects. Finally, we have three sets of lecture notes from Smith’s teaching at Glasgow University. These notes are the transcriptions of students who attended his classes. One is Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres. The other two sets of lecture notes areLectures on Jurisprudence, one from the 1762–63 session, and one from the 1763–64 session. We will read the latter one, which covers pp. 397–554 of the OUP/Liberty Fund volume containing both sets of LJ lecture notes. This set reads well and it is fascinating material.


The schedule and assigned readings are as follows:

December 20, 16.30–18.30 pp. 397–437

January 12, 16.30–18.30 pp. 438–485

January 16, 16.30–18.30 pp. 486–554



The Reading Group will be held at Timbro’s office, Kungsgatan 60, 2nd floor. The seminars are free of charge and books will be delivered to participants in early December.



Please register your interest to participate by e-mailing Include a few words about yourself and what you would gain from attending the reading group. Questions? Please e-mail or call Björn Hasselgren at the e-mail above or +46(0)70 762 33 16.

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